Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need an interior designer?
You need an interior designer because they provide comprehensive interior solutions. They create interior spaces that are functional, comfortable and look beautiful.
What is special about Zenith Interior?
Zenith Interior is specialized in residential interior designing and renovation. Our team is headed by veteran architects, experienced civil engineers and project managers. The skilled professionals like designers, carpenters, electricians and plumbers in our team are handpicked based on their experience and perfection of work.
At what stage should you ideally approach Zenith Interior?
You should contact us ideally when brick works are over and the plaster is about to start wherein we can change the electrical , plumbing lines based in furniture layouts.
What are the types of interior design projects Zenith Interior Undertakes?
Zenith Interior undertakes interior designing, interior decoration projects through Zenith Packages and customized turnkey interior design projects.
What is the sequence of works?

Interior Design

Based on your requirement we send you preliminary estimate, sample 2d drawings & sample images. Upon confirmation we collect a token advance and give you the drawings based on actual site conditions. Upon confirmation of which we collect next payment and start the work.

If none of the packages are suitable, we may request either your floor plan or be able to take site measurements and give customised quote.

Home Renovation

Since we do not know the site conditions we necessarily need to visit your site, find out your requirement and give you solutions & offer costing that would bridge the gap between budget, needs and taste.

Does Zenith Interior Charge for providing the proposal?
No, Zenith Interior doesn’t charge the clients for providing the initial proposal.
How are the additional works that are not included in the interior packages billed?
After ascertaining which package suits you the best we will give you a final offer and all additional works will be billed for separately.
Does Zenith Interior provide warranty and after-sales-support?
Zenith Interior provides a 10-year warranty for our works. Apart from that, we also take annual maintenance contract (AMC).
Does Zenith Interior undertake labor contracts?
No, Zenith Interior does not take labor contracts.
Does Zenith Interior do all the works at the site?
No, Carcass and doors are done at the factory, and they are assembled at the site.
What are the payment modes Zenith Interior accepts?
Zenith Interior accepts cash, cheque, bank-transfer, debit and credit cards.
What is the time duration a project would take?
The time frames of the Interior Design Packages are same as mentioned in the respective Zenith Package. The time frame of the Turnkey Interior Design projects would vary depending on the nature of the work, the time taken for the selection of the materials and the availability of the materials in the market may also influence the time frame.

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