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Washbasins a key element in Bathroom Interiors

Are you planning for bathroom renovation in Chennai? Your choices are endless. Here we have thrown some light on the different types of washbasins available in the market, so that you won’t get confused when choosing one for your bathroom renovation. A washbasin is the central component in any bathroom. They come in an array of geometric shapes and chic contours to complement bathrooms of any size.

Among other things, the most important aspect to consider when selecting a washbasin is the material it is made of. Ceramic basins are durable and the most popular choice, although the use of metal and glass are slowly picking up. High end crystal washbasins are available. Marble, granite, wood and mineral resin compounds can be customized to suit specific size requirements but are expensive. Glass washbasins tend to make an opulent statement. All these are available in an array of colors with beautiful patterns on it.
While you plan to buy washbasin, you need to be clear on the type of washbasin that will suit your bathroom. We enlist a few options you could opt for.

Pedestal Washbasins

These classic washbasins are found in most homes. These sit atop a slim base, which either tapers at the end or is cylindrical. Pedestal washbasins exude an aura of elegance and sophistication, but lack proper storage capacity and are not ideal for smaller bathrooms.

Wall-Hung Washbasins

Simple in style and designs, wall-hung basins are durable and are available in different shapes and sizes. Extremely sleek, these can be installed in bathrooms that have space constraints. As it does not include pedestals, it is easy-to-clean under the basin. Some of the most popular variants include the square wall mount, mount basin with towel bar, etc.

Counter-top Washbasins

Also known as the bowl basin, it is often set on top of a counter or cabinet. It basically resembles a salad bowl and can be made of glass, ceramic, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, etc. It is usually installed higher than ordinary washbasins and requires faucets that can reach up over the edge.

When we talk about washbasins, how can we forget bathroom faucets? One of the smaller details that are usually overlooked are bathroom faucets. Even though the faucet is not as noticeable as the flooring and the lighting, it still is an integral part of the room. While buying a faucet, make sure that it suits your washbasin. Some basins come with pre-installed holes for the faucet, while others require the faucet to be mounted behind the basin. It is important to check if the model you select has an overflow hole or not. Opt for faucets having solid brass or corrosion-resistant mechanisms.

Stainless steel faucets are the most popular kind available. These easy-to clean faucets are a blend of steel alloys plus chromium and are also affordable, durable and don’t rust easily. Copper faucets are expensive and have a rustic copper color that sets them apart from standard ones. If you are looking at lending a stylish touch to your spaces, then go for waterfall faucets. These have a half cylinder shape, allowing the water to flow over the edge with the upper half of the faucet exposed. So, lend your bathrooms the desired look with these alluring washbasins and faucets.

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