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Indoor Gardens for Apartments

One of the greatest concerns of urban dwellers living in the boxy apartments is the lack of vegetation and greenery in the concrete forests they live. It’s possible for those who have a love for plants or gardens to go out and visit some parks or farms to see some greenery.

However, it’s not a clever solution because you can’t be there all the time. A smart solution would be bringing greenery into the indoors. Since apartment owners don’t have outdoor space to grow plants and flowers, indoor gardens for the apartment would be the best choice to bring greenery into the life. A mini garden inside the house can bring freshness to the house.

Benefits of Indoor Gardens

Indoor gardens in the apartments can benefit the occupants in many ways. Planting herbs and managing them can be a great hobby for those who have a love for gardening. Apart from that, indoor gardens can also be used to decorate the house as well us to make a healthy environment in the house.

Interior Decoration

Plants and greenery is a great way to decorate a space. It brings the warmth of nature to the house and makes the house more welcoming. It can be used to decorate the wall and windowsill. Flower plants can brighten up your rooms. Windowsills, corners, and tables are great places to keep flower pots.

Health Benefits

Plants can improve the air quality by fileting toxins like ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde from the air. Purification of the air makes the indoor healthier and

Weeping figs and date palms are some indoor plants for that purify air and you can use such plants to build a health-friendly environment inside the house.

How to Make Indoor Garden in Apartments

Space is a big concern for an average apartment. Sometimes we compromise buying the most wanted utilities fearing it may clutter up the small rooms. When it comes to apartments, space is limited and hence valuable. The thought of garden as something that would take up lots of space in your small apartment may pull back you from your longing to have an indoor garden.

Don’t worry guys. Here we got some fabulous indoor garden ideas to make mini garden inside the house without taking much space. There are proven smart ways to make decorative gardens inside houses.

You should not forget to check the instructions at the bottom to get some tips and not make any common mistakes in the indoor gardening.

Apartment Gardening for Beginners

You can get either seeds or sprouts from the nursery or supermarket and plant them in containers. The best plants for beginners would be herbs like mint and basil.

You can also ask your friends or relatives for sprouts if they have gardens. You can also ask for their help and their advice would be a great help if you don’t have any previous experience in gardening.

The best spot to keep your plants would be your windowsills that get direct sunlight at least for a couple of hours. You can place some small pots of flowers or small herbs there. It is the easiest way to make an indoor garden in apartments. You won’t have to struggle hard to make them grow when there is sufficient sunlight.

You can use containers like pots, tubs, tin, and buckets to grow your herbs and keep them on a flat surface. This is the easiest way for beginners in gardening. All you have to do is find some good types of herbs and get their seeds. Fill the containers with the composite soil and place the seed in there.

Suspended Gardening

You don’t have to keep the plants always on the floor. There are many ways to keep the containers hanged in a room. This kind of gardening is called suspended gardening. It opens lots of creative ways to decorate a room. We can use plastic cola bottles, glass bottles and similar containers as the planter for suspended gardening. Hanging gardens or suspended gardens have many possibilities and it would be the best choice if you are thinking about how to make the indoor garden unique.

Seeing the photos, you may think it is hard to make suspended gardening but it is not that difficult. You can find thousands of DIY videos on YouTube related to suspended gardening. You can watch them for an inspiration.

Tips for Indoor Gardening

Flower plants require sunlight more than other plants do. Therefore place them on the windowsills which get better sunlight.
Small plants don’t look great when there is only one. It would be nice if you could place a bunch of small plants together because that would look lovely.
If you couldn’t get good soil for the gardening, you can get it from the nurseries. Soils perfect for container gardening are available in the market.
Shifting the positions of plants regularly is not recommended. Doing so may cause a sudden and random difference in the sunlight, humidity and other factors which are important for the plants. These sudden changes may affect the growth of plants.
When it is required to trim some leaves from the plant, always trim the bottom leaves. This increases the speed of growth.

Instructions for Apartment Gardening

You should make sure if the plants you choose are good for indoor gardening. Some plants or herbs may go wild and may create a mess.
Use pots and containers with the perfect size and shape for each type of plants. Some plants’ roots go deep and hence they would need a deeper container. Some other plants especially herbs need large surface area and don’t need a deep container.
Every plant needs at least a couple hours good sunlight. Find spots that get sunlight and fix your plants there.
Fill the containers with good composite soils.
Scatter the seeds in equal distances in the soil.
Water your plants regularly.
The containers or pots with less depth are more likely to dry fast. Never let them dry out.
Don’t over water your seeds. Deep pots are more likely to keep the wetness for a longer time. Therefore, check the soil in deep pots and if the soil is moist, don’t water it until it is dry.
Use a small claw to aerate the surface soil in the pot.
While aerating the soil with the claw, ensure that it doesn’t disturb the roots too much.


The lack of space in your apartment is not going to stop you from making an indoor garden for your apartment. Container gardening is the greatest way to achieve. When it comes to the indoor garden decoration, creative suspended gardening can transform the look and feel of the house.

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