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Different Types of Interior Floor Finishes

In Interior designing and home renovation, floor finishes plays a key role. The sheen of the floor finishes must last long and look afresh as the days pass by. The essentiality of the floor finishing starts from the selection of right material. Interior designing is evolving a lot, so is the floor finishes. Currently, there are different kinds of flooring materials are available in India including Vitrified Tiles, Marbles, Granites, Impregnated Italian Marble design in various substrates ( specially in tiles) , Vinyl flooring, etc.

Tiles available in the market place has various hues and colors. In the latest vitrified tiles, colors and choices are aplenty. Thus it fulfills the look and feel of the surface. In marbles various color options are available. This really satiate the longing of the users such as rich look and elegance. Granites are quality proved for the longevity and sheen. The repro impregnated tiles are available with the sheen. It will fulfill the aspirations of creative designers to design their colorful designs, thus gives an out of the world look for the flooring. Vinyl flooring, is very economical and easy to fix and offers the budget conscious designers to opt for this essential flooring alternative. Vinyl flooring is also available in various colors thus giving an opportunity to choose the best suited colors for interiors.

Psychedelic mood swinging real-time floor finishes is the rage of the present generation and it has taken the consumers and interior designing industry by storm. The real-time experience soothes the senses of the individual. Though in the nascent stage this floor finish will rule the roast in the industry. Apart from these materials, lots of new flooring options are adopted by the interior designers to suit clients needs and requirements.

One has to keep the merits and demerits of floor finishes before choosing them. Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Marbles, Repro-Impregnated Italian Marble designs if fixed by the crafty work force will give an elegant and rich look. It is easy to fix and even skirting can be matched by proper execution. Vinyl flooring on the other hand is just fixing of the vinyl in an aligned way with the help of adhesive. Vinyl floor fixing is fast and less cumbersome and very easy to use too. All these floor finishes come out in various colors and even longevity of the sheen is also attainable. Few are easy to keep up and clean.

While on the demerits aspects Tiles are prone to break while fixing. The material wastage in fixation is unavoidable. Even marbles are brittle in nature too while transporting. Few tiles and Italian designed marbles on passage of time will lose its sheen and accumulation of dust causes a lot of hardship in the cleaning process.

Floor finishes are essentials of fine living and it is here to stay. The ability of renowned interior designer will come handy while choosing the correct floor finishes, since it is the reflection of the grandeur.

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