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Top 5 Creative Accent Lighting Techniques for Your Home

Accent lighting is one of the creative ways to improve the look and feel of your rooms. There is a wide range of accent lightings available on the market, so you have lots of options. In this article, we discuss some creative ways you can use accent lighting to improve the interior design of your home.

#1 Light up What Do You Want to Highlight

Lighting up the elements we want to be focused on is the primary function of accent lighting. The small and highlighted accent light in the room will definitely capture the attention of people, and their focus is automatically attracted to it. It helps us to prevent people from noticing the other imperfections in our rooms.

#2 Try Backlighting and Uplighting to Give Halo Effect for Element

The backlighting and uplighting different elements in your is a great way to make them attractive. You might have noticed a false ceiling with uplighting catches your attention and set a mood for the room.

Similarly, you can try backlighting for TV on the wall, showcases and other similar elements. It will give them an added presence and glamorous effect. Backlighting also works great for computer desks.

You can turn off the lighting when don’t want them. For example, the halo lighting for TV will look fantastic when the TV is not in use, but it will be disturbing when you are watching the TV.

#3 Use Track Lighting for Better Flexibility

While some people adore track lighting, some others don’t like it. You can use the track lighting to light up a particular portion on your wall or ceiling. There will be multiple light sources attached to a track. The light source can be moved along the track and tilted. It gives a lot of flexibility to light any area we want.

Usually, track lighting is used to highlight the paintings on the wall. If you decide to change the position of the artworks or want to highlight other areas as well, you can quickly move the light sources along the track and tilt them to highlight the area you want.

#4 Use Wall Sconce Lighting to Set a Mood for Your Rooms

Sconce lighting is available for general as well as accent lighting. The accent lighting sconce is a great way to set a mood and emotion for your room. You can use them in your rooms based on your interior design style and the mood and feeling of the room.

They are available in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. It is better to avoid sconce lights that spread lights in the room because they wouldn’t look great when you want to use them as accent lighting.

#5 Use LED Strips

LED stripes are one of the easiest ways to install accent lighting in your room. The best thing about this is that you can install it by yourself without anyone’s help. The best way to use LED stripes is using it as backlighting for TV and desks and underlighting for beds.

These are some of the creative ways you can create accent lighting in your house. Please let us know if you have found any of the trick useful.

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