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Budget Interior Designers in Chennai

Interior designing is a necessity for any house whether it is a small 2BHK apartment or a large mansion. Every house has different requirements of interior designing and it may vary based on the nature of family members, budget and the size of the house.

We are one of the top budget interior designers in Chennai and we can offer our service at affordable rates. We will help you to renovate your interiors or convert new apartments into a ready to occupy condition. We can create a friendly environment for your family to lead a quality life. We can help you achieve unique and stylish interior.

Interior Designers in Chennai for Small Houses

Interior designing is not for large and luxury houses only. We believe every property needs interior designing to make the best use of the space and create an appropriate interior environment.

The old attitude towards interior designing as something extravagant is fading away slowly. People in Chennai now consider interior designing as a necessity regardless of the size of the house. We are an affordable interior design company in Chennai helping people to do interior designing in low budget.

Moreover, the average size of the houses in Chennai is decreasing gradually. It becomes important for the house owners to use the space intelligently in order to include maximum utilities without stuffing the house.

The biggest nightmare of the owners of a small house is the inability to bring necessary furniture due to the lack of space. If you are worried about that we can help you. You no longer have to worry that you can’t have all your favorite utilities in your place. We know amazing tricks to include maximum functionalities in small places.

Interior Designers in Chennai for Flats

The architecture of flats is not designed to meet the particular requirements of the occupants and therefore interior designing become compulsory. They are designed based on the common requirements.

Flats in a building would be identical and it is the interior designing which should give a unique personality to a flat. We can help you personalize your flats based on your tastes and unique requirements.

We have talented professionals in our team to improve the quality of the space.

Affordable Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is one of the most popular trends in interior designing currently. It makes the kitchen both beautiful and user-friendly at the same time. People love the elegant look and amazing functionality of the modular kitchen.

Unfortunately, the modular kitchen is quite expensive and people on a budget can’t afford that. However, we can help you achieve the look, feel and functionality of the modular kitchen in less expense.

We got some amazing ideas to replicate modular kitchen at affordable rates. We use cheap finishing materials and imitate the look of PU finishing. We also give emphasis to give a beautiful appearance to the cabinets.


In budget interior designing, we recommend vitrified tiles for flooring instead of expensive marbles or granites. Vitrified tiles are less expensive and available in plenty of designs. Light color tiles are great for small houses because it can brighten up the room and create the illusion of more space. We also do vinyl flooring which is far less expensive though it is not quite common in Chennai.

Interior Design Chennai Cost in Chennai

We use materials and products based on the unique requirements of the house owners and therefore it is impossible to have a fixed price for the service. On an average, the cost of complete interior designing for a 2 BHK flat in Chennai is around 2 Lakh. This would include kitchen cabinets, wardrobes a few additional storages, and decoration of bathrooms, living room and bedrooms.

Interior design packages in Chennai are highly flexible. The projects would vary based on many factors. Some house owners would only want interior designing for the kitchen or while some others want a decoration for the entire house.

The interior design cost per square foot in Chennai would vary based on the material you would choose. Marble and granite are expensive than vitrified tiles and vinyl flooring. The labor cost for the marble flooring is higher than granite flooring. Unlike other services, the cost of interior designing can only be estimated after considering the requirements.

Interior Designing Quote

If you let us know your requirements we can give you a quote with a draft estimate. We would create the estimate based on the factors like the end products, materials you want to use, and the labor charge.

Affordable Materials

We have years of experience in this field and we know how to reduce cost without compromising the quality. The technology has matured and now we get quality materials at affordable rates. We would recommend the best materials based on your requirements and budget.

We use durable and affordable materials that would last long for decades. We take various measures to save your initial cost and maintenance cost. Cheap materials but not durable will save you some initial costs but you would have to replace it later. For example, while the material cost of both marble and granite are almost same, the marble would have higher labor cost.

When it comes to the interior design finishes , PU finishes for the wardrobes and cabinets would look nice but they are expensive. For interior designing on a controlled budget, we would use veneer or PVC finishes. These materials look great and are affordable at the same time.

Multi-purpose Furniture

We can save your money by helping you to choose furniture with multiple purposes. This kind of items would give you two uses at the price of one. These objects can be converted into different furniture items and used for different purposes. For example, you can have sofa cum bed and can be used as sofa and bed. This would make your life in the small apartment a lot easier.

Multi-purpose furniture also helps you to save space in your home. You don’t have to buy multiple objects when you can use a single object for multiple purposes.

Interior designing is an art and it can be done in both expensive and affordable ways. We can help you optimize your house for better living at an affordable rate. We offer our services at affordable rates and you can find Zenith Interior on the top in the list of interior designers in Chennai providing affordable interior designing services.

We can build you the Home of your dream

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