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Choosing the right Water Closet

Homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on selecting the right kind of bathtubs, washbasins, faucets, shower panels and accessories to spruce up their bathroom decor, but tend to ignore a good sanitary arrangement. While water closets are available in a variety of models, designs and shapes there are some factors you need to keep in mind while making your purchase. Always look for the models having a glossy finish and smooth surface. Watch out for patchy, dull spots or pinholes in sanitary items. With the variety to choose from, water closets should be matched with the color and style of your bathroom design. Although white is the most popular choice as it is a neutral color, sanitary ware models are available in other colors as well.

Being one of the oldest interior designers in Chennai we have seen how the trends have changed and how the flavors of Chennai people have changed over the years, mostly due to western influence. With our expertise in the field of interior design and home renovation we take these two features as the most important consideration while choosing a WC for our clients.


Primarily, there are two types of water closets single flush and dual flush models. Single flush models are more common, but dual flush types are gaining traction these days. The single flush toilets, as the name suggests, have a single flushing mechanism and use the same amount of water for all types of waste. In dual flush model, there are two flushing mechanisms that allow you to choose the quantity of water that are being flushed, depending upon the kind of waste being disposed.


Toilet commodes come in two shapes i.e. elongated and round. Elongated toilet bowls are great option, if you have the space. In fact, many toilets are fitted with this commode shape. But for tighter quarters, a round toilet is the better option due to its space-saving dimensions.


Most toilets for the home are either one-piece or two-piece models. In the one-piece model, the tank and the bowl are fused together. These have an awkward shape and may cost more; however, they are easy-to-clean and look stylish. Two-piece toilets, with a separate tank and bowl are more common.

The distance between the floor drain and the wall, known as rough in, is an essential factor to consider while selecting your toilet. The standard distance is 12 inches. Nowadays, toilets come with water saving technologies and other conveniences to help to conserve water.


For correct installation, accurate measurements should be taken of the area where you plan to install the WC. Thereafter, when cleaning your sanitary ware, use the best cleaning products as abrasive or strong chemicals can damage the surface, making them lose their shine and lead to a rough surface.

With so many options available, make a discerning choice while purchasing a water closet. After all, this is likely to be a one-time investment. For more info on choosing the right WC contact us.

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