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Interior Design Tricks to Transform your House

Home designing need not be a daunting experience. It is all about choosing the right things and arranging them the way that works best for each home. Each home and the requirements of the people are different and what works for one room may not work for others.

However, there are some universal tricks in interior designing that would work for most of the houses. Here are a few clever interior decorating ideas from us to makeover over your house.

Trial and Error Method

There are lots of things to consider while positioning various furnishings in a room. If you are not familiar with the strategies, you can rearrange them in different ways and see what works for you.

Fix Mirrors on Wall

A mirror is a great option in decoration for several reasons and it is the first go if you are looking for how to decorate home in low budget. Mirrors reflect light and extend the view. This helps to make the room look brighter and spacious. It can add dimension to the area. You can buy designer mirrors from the local store or antique shops. A designer mirror can also function as a decorative item in the room.

The mirror should be fixed in a way that doesn’t reflect unpleasant views, doors, bed, or cluttered view of the room.

Light shades of paints for Walls

Lighter shades of paints can make a room look bigger. If you think that your rooms are small and feel like stuffed, try a white or other light color paints on the walls and roof. It can make a difference. White color can make the room look airy and give the best results if you are looking for how to soften a modern living room.

Long Curtains for the Window

Buy a long curtain for the window and the bottom of the curtain should touch the floor. A long curtain can make the room appear taller. Moreover, the curtain should wider enough to keep the folds even they are drawn (closed).

Bring Nature Indoor

If you don’t know how to bring warmth into the room, fix a couple of beautiful plants inside the room. It can bring the warmth of nature into your house and it is also a great way to decorate your house. An indoor garden can make the space refreshing and calming. You can place them in the corners in a pot.

Accent Lighting

Use some lighting to attract attention towards beautiful objects. You can use LED strips or pointing lights for this. This should attract the attention of people towards something important. These kinds of lighting are is called accent lighting which is one of the three types of lighting in interior design. Colored LED strips under the cabinets on the wall and computer table is exquisite.

Sofa Arrangement

Your sofa and seats should be arranged in grouping convenient for conversation. They can be arranged in U shape or H shape to encourage conversations with better intimacy.

So many people keep their sofa close to the wall thinking that it would save some space. Actually, this is not the case. There should be space on the backside of the sofa and this makes the room appear larger.

However, this doesn’t always work. In smaller rooms, it will be a good idea to keep one sofa pushed all the way against the sofa.

Floating Cabinet on the Wall above Furniture

If you have any furniture close to the wall, you can fix a floating storage cabinet or bookshelf on that wall above 6 feet. This helps you to save space because that space was already occupied and it doesn’t cost you any extra space for the new cabinet or shelf.

Layer your lighting

Make use of 3-layer lighting strategy for the better lighting of the house. You need ambient lighting for the general lighting of the space, task lighting for particular tasks like reading and accent lighting for highlighting particular elements in the room and attract attention towards it.

Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchen is a modern of kitchen interior design. It is both aesthetically appealing and space savvy. IKEA kitchen is a popular nowadays. It is expensive and if you have the budget, you can go for this. IKEA kitchens worth the money and make the kitchens clutter free and beautiful.

A modular kitchen would have plenty of storage cabinets to keep your things and it would make the kitchen space less cluttered.

Accent Wall

You don’t have to paint the same color for all four wall of a room. It would be exciting if you paint a different color or give texture on one wall. While you choose a texture it is important to choose a texture where you can’t find a pattern in the pattern.

Transparent Furniture

Transparent furniture won’t block lights and hence it will not make the room darker. This is a good for small studio houses. You can choose transparent chairs and dining table. It will give an airy feeling to the rooms.

Avoid Bulky Furniture

Bulky furniture takes lots of space and it is not a good option for small houses. You should select compact and lightweight furniture to save space and avoid making the room darker.

Old Items Makeover

If you have any old furniture or antique item that is faded or full of scratches paint it and give a makeover for that. You can add some additional decorations to it if you want.

Room Divider

A room divider is a cool way to divide a room into sections. You can use a small open shelf to separate the bed and computer area in your room.

Window seat

You can make a small window seat near the windows that gives the beautiful views of outside. An ideal width of the seat is 2-feet and you can have a couple of pillows on the window seat if you want. You can also add some storage space below the seat and keep some books there.

Use of Similar Patterns

You can use pillows covers, window curtains and carpets with same patterns. Sometimes, repetition can add beauty.

Mix up Elements

Don’t be afraid to keep cheap items with expensive and old items with new. It reflects the personality your personality and tastes. Looking at them, your guests can get a sense of your tastes and what is important to you. However, while you arrange them you should consider the holistic effect.

Choose Comfortable Objects

While purchasing the furniture or other items, you should also consider your comforts along with the trend and style. Furniture has particular functions and it should be well fit for that.

Avoid Leather Sofa

You should avoid purchasing a leather sofa if you allow your dog sit on them. The claws of your pet can make scratches on it and it will be difficult to dust off all the furs on it. There are pet-friendly couches and sofas in the market available and you should opt that.

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