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Indoor house plants that purifies air

Air purifying indoor house plants can give your lungs a much needed breather from pollutants that include harmful fumes emitted from home appliances like refrigerators , air-conditioners, musty carpets, enclosed spaces, damp walls, etc. The pores on the leaves of these plants help absorb all those harmful toxins.

Rubber Plant

It is a slow growing tree and does not need direct sunlight. It works well as an indoor plant. An avenue littered with rubber trees will give you shade as well as absorb toxins in the atmosphere.

Areca Palm

Areca palm can be grown in the pots or directly in the ground. It releases moisture and absorbs formaldehyde and benzene present in the air. Spray the leaves with water from time to time to keep them clean.

English Ivy

This one is both a vine and a ground covering plant. Although it doesn’t need direct light, it certainly values moist walls. This is an excellent plant for landscaping, with cinder rocks as the base. It lends a cottage like look when grown on the wall. If you live in the drier plains, you need to water it through summer.

Gerbera Daisy

The seeds of this bushy plant should be sown in November. The soil for the pot should be porous and enriched with organic manure. It starts flowering in early January and flowers profusely.


This plant can work in a pot or as a ground cover. You can also grow it in a water bottle; it will grow slowly with trailing roots in water. Its leaves are heart shaped and when in water it has the tendency to climb but requires support. This one of the popular plants in apartment indoor gardens.

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