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How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

The average size of an apartment in Chennai is decreasing each year, like in most of the cities in the world. The scarcity of land and growing demand for houses increase the price apartments and average people are forced to be content with small homes. The lack of space has its own difficulties since we don’t have enough space to bring necessary furniture and other items. However, interior decorators in Chennai use several strategies to make their clients’ room look bigger without compromising any facilities or necessary furniture or other items.

White Colors for the Walls and Ceiling

While the darker colors absorb lights and make the room cozy, lighter colors reflect the lights and make the room look airy. Due to this, using white color or similar tones in a room will make it appear larger. If you don’t like the white color, you can try light greens and light blues. These are cool colors and will give a similar effect.

Same Color for Everything

Choose furniture, fittings and curtains etc. with different shades of the color of the wall. It is important to choose lighter shades. This reduces the contrast and blends different elements. The eyes would flow through the elements since there is no contrast in the colors. The color is an important factor in interior design and it can be used for several purposes.

Clean Your Windows and Let More Lights in the Rooms

The brighter a room, the spacious it would look. Moreover, a window takes your vision outside the house which prevents the people from noticing the tine size of the room. There are many other tricks to make the room brighter. We will discuss them later.

Clean the windows inside and outside using glass cleaners. If you have vinegar in your home, that can also be used to clean the window.

Avoid Hiding the Floor with Bulky Furniture

If you are looking for tips on how to make a living room bigger and brighter, don’t buy bulky or thick furniture. Bulky and heavy furniture takes more visual space because it hides a huge part of the floor and makes the room cozy. You can use sofas and tables with naked legs or exposed legs which make the room look more open. Moreover, furniture with exposed legs passes light between the legs which make the room brighter. As I said before, a brighter room looks spacious. Boxy sofas and chairs take lots of space.

However, you can buy a boxy sofa if it has additional functions like storage spaces because that save you space in a different way.

Hidden Storages

You can install some storages and cabinets in the hidden places to keep your things. If things are not organized properly the room will be cluttered and it will make the room appear smaller. Storages help you to keep things neat and tidy.

Breathing Space for the Sofa

If you have your sofa touching the wall, pull it a little away from the wall and give a little breathing space behind it. If you keep the sofa like this, there will be shadows falling on to the wall which adds depth to the room size.

Highlight the Corners

If the attention of people is drawn to the corners of the room, the room will appear bigger. You can put a floor standing light or tall bookshelves in the corners to attract attention towards corners. Additionally, you can use accent elements with brighter colors to attract attention towards the corners.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can reflect the light and extend the views. This can make the room appear brighter and bigger. You can use one bigger mirror or several small mirrors grouped together. You have to be strategic while placing the mirror to give a maximum extension of the view.

Multipurpose Items

While you purchase furniture or other items, get things that have two benefits. This way you can reduce the number of items in your rooms. This helps you keep the rooms uncluttered which is important to not make the room look smaller.

Hanging or Floating Shelves near the Ceiling

A hanging or floating shelf near the ceiling can draw the view of people upward which would make the room appear larger because they won’t notice the lack of free space in the room. It is better if the shelf doesn’t have a door. This has dual benefits. This gives you more storage space and it works as an accent element if you put some books or other items which can attract the attention of the people towards.

Large Couch instead of Sofa with Multiple Pieces

In small living rooms, multiple small pieces sofa makes the room cluttered. Instead of this, you can choose a large sofa. It has its own demerits like difficulty to move. However, it is a great option when t comes to saving space and making a small room appear bigger.

This strategy works for other elements too. Lots of small pieces would make the room cluttered if it is smaller. The bigger is better if it can replace multiple small pieces.

Leave Your Windows Uncovered

Keeping the curtains of the window uncovered would give more depth to the room. If you think this is not going to affect your privacy, you can keep it uncovered and you can always cover it when you want. As I said above, windows will take your views outside which extends the vision and brings more light into the room. This helps you to keep your room brighter and spacious.

Transparent Items

You can buy transparent chairs and tables which take less visual space and pass the light. If furniture or other items takes less visual space, the room looks less stuffed. In the market, there are dining tables and console tables made of glasses.

Foldable Furniture

There are so many brands selling foldable or stackable furniture item. You can unfold it when you want to use it and fold it after the use. When it is folded it doesn’t take much space.

Table Mate is a popular foldable table in India. You can slide it under the sofa or in the closet when it is folded. This is easy to carry and can be used for various different purposes.

Strips on the floor

If you are thinking how to make a narrow room appear bigger, you can have contrasting strips on the floor in the narrow dimension. The strips draw the eyes and it will appear longer. It would be better if the strips are thinner.

These are a few strategies you can use to make a small room appear bigger. All tricks may not work for you but inspirations from these points and try to apply this while you design or decorate your home.

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