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Types of Chimney Hoods

When you have a well-designed kitchen with the right appliances, it is essential that all the residue, smoke and odor emanated while cooking are flushed out. Hence having a kitchen chimney that performs the function of clearing smoke and odors from the cooking area is important.

Available in various sizes and models, they contain charcoal filters as the main component, which aids in absorbing the odors. The various types of chimney hoods available are enlisted below.

1. Ductless Chimney Hood

The ductless kitchen chimney hoods are one of the two most popular options amongst homeowners as they not only eliminate hot and steamy kitchen vapor, but also provide fresh air and offer a healthy cooking experience. These chimneys contain adjustable fan speeds and are available in both contemporary and conventional styles.

2. Steel Chimney Hood

Stainless steel chimneys are available in both ducted and ductless versions. They come in varying widths to cover differing cook – top sizes.

3. Ducted or Vented Cooker Hood

These hoods have a canopy to suck in smell and steam. They are large-sized and are attached just over the hob or cooker. The grease and odors are then extracted through an external wall outlet.

4. Integrated Hood

Designed to fit into the enclosed spaces, these hoods are ideal if your cook-top is built into a chimney breast, or under a row of kitchen cupboard.

5. Island Hood

These hoods are meant for kitchens, where the cooker is positioned away from the wall. They are finished on all four sides and usually have a stainless finish. These hoods are also available in an assortment of colors, finishes and styles.

Kitchen hobs and cook tops are essential for all type of kitchens. These are categorized into four types – gas, electric, ceramic and induction. Depending on your kitchen style and requirement one can select from different categories available. The first thing that one needs to consider while looking for a hob is the desired number of burners. So, you could choose from a standard hob that usually comes with minimum four burners or a gas ranger cooker that constitutes about five burners or more.

The range-style gas cooker helps in simultaneously cooking many preparations and is ideal if you regularly prepare meals for a large group of people.

Hotplate or ceramic hobs are perfect for those looking for a suitable electric cooker. The hotplates are further classified as – sealed plate, radiant ring and halogen hobs. Induction hobs with futuristic features and cooking methods are fast-gaining popularity.

If you want to live a smoke-free zone, invest in hobs and chimneys with high cleaning efficiency. The brands we recommend are Fisher & Paykal, Hafele, Kutchina, Miele, Electrolux, Hindware, Siemens and Kaff.

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