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Lighting arrangements in Interior Designing

Lighting is one of the key elements of Interior Designing. Various types of lights are utilized in different ways to achieve the best out of the space. Here we have listed the different Lighting arrangements in Interior Designing. General Lighting: General lighting is the overall lighting that illuminates the entire space. Up-lights and down-lights are […]

How to Choose The Best Interior Designer

There are over hundreds of interior designers in Chennai. Therefore choosing the best among the whole slew of interior designers is becoming tougher day by day. As new interior designers sprout every other day, people get confused on choosing the best interior designers meeting their needs and budget. We have put a list of tips […]

Types of Chimney Hoods

When you have a well-designed kitchen with the right appliances, it is essential that all the residue, smoke and odor emanated while cooking are flushed out. Hence having a kitchen chimney that performs the function of clearing smoke and odors from the cooking area is important. Available in various sizes and models, they contain charcoal […]

Choosing the right Water Closet

Homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on selecting the right kind of bathtubs, washbasins, faucets, shower panels and accessories to spruce up their bathroom decor, but tend to ignore a good sanitary arrangement. While water closets are available in a variety of models, designs and shapes there are some factors you need […]

Indoor house plants that purifies air

Air purifying indoor house plants can give your lungs a much needed breather from pollutants that include harmful fumes emitted from home appliances like refrigerators , air-conditioners, musty carpets, enclosed spaces, damp walls, etc. The pores on the leaves of these plants help absorb all those harmful toxins. Rubber Plant It is a slow growing […]

Ideas To Improvise Your Bedroom

Here we bring to you a few ideas that could spruce up your bedroom. Being a top interior designer in Chennai we have a plethora of ideas with us. To make the list cleaner we have listed a few ideas here. Contact us for further ideas. A wall mount nightstand preserves floor space for a […]

The Water Garden

While most of us want beautiful, lavish and luxurious gardens, in today’s era of apartment living, the concept of having a beautiful, comfortable, lavish and luxurious outdoor garden is somewhat a dream. However, if you are lucky enough to have space and land, you will be amazed to see how patches of green can be […]

Best Home Improvements for Resale

Putting up a home for resale can be a daunting task as so many factors need to be taken into consideration. Having decided on selling the house, it is crucial that some improvements need to be made so that the property is sold out like a hot cake. Trying to sell a house in a […]

Interior Design Trends

The beginning of the New Year creates new hopes and aspirations and with it comes the new interior design trends for those set on redoing their homes and offices every year. Those in the interior decoration business are always on the lookout for the trendiest designs to befit the expectations of the clients. If you […]

Three Types Of Lighting For Your House

If you are thinking about to embellish your house with lighting, the concept of three-layer lighting process can help you make better decisions. We recommend the three-layer lighting process which is kind of lighting arrangement technique commonly used by interior designers all around the world. There are multiple functions for the lights you use in […]

Types of Flooring Available In India

Choosing the right flooring material is another time where people spend a lot of time thinking over it. Budget, personal tastes and requirements, architectural style and weather etc. are the major factors determining the type of flooring for a house. A detailed descriptions along with merits and demerits of different types of flooring available in […]

Basics of Color in Interior Design

It is not a rocket science but common sense to not paint a bedroom, where you want to relax and calm, with a strong vibrant color like red or yellow. Instead, you would use calm and lighter shades of the green or blue. Although, there are general rules regarding the appropriate colors for different rooms, […]

Modern vs Traditional Interior Design

When it comes to the interior designing, most of the people get caught up in confusion between modern vs traditional interior design. We are not sure which one we should go for. You might have heard this term modern and traditional a lot of time in your life. They are just different types of styles. […]

Indoor Gardens for Apartments

One of the greatest concerns of urban dwellers living in the boxy apartments is the lack of vegetation and greenery in the concrete forests they live. It’s possible for those who have a love for plants or gardens to go out and visit some parks or farms to see some greenery. However, it’s not a […]

Budget Interior Designers in Chennai

Interior designing is a necessity for any house whether it is a small 2BHK apartment or a large mansion. Every house has different requirements of interior designing and it may vary based on the nature of family members, budget and the size of the house. We are one of the top budget interior designers in […]

Types of False Ceiling

A false ceiling can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interiors. Some people prefer to fix concealed LED strips between the false ceiling and actual ceiling which would transform the room into a new level. This is also called drop ceiling or suspended ceiling because it is hanged under the roof slab supported by rods […]

How to Make Your Home Look Bigger

The average size of an apartment in Chennai is decreasing each year, like in most of the cities in the world. The scarcity of land and growing demand for houses increase the price apartments and average people are forced to be content with small homes. The lack of space has its own difficulties since we […]

Types of Interior Design Finishes

It is not an easy job to choose one from the different options for the laminate finishes of your wardrobes and storage cabinets. There are many kinds of finishes for cupboards and closets. The finish you choose for these elements would have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the design. There are many […]

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