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Best Home Improvements for Resale

Putting up a home for resale can be a daunting task as so many factors need to be taken into consideration. Having decided on selling the house, it is crucial that some improvements need to be made so that the property is sold out like a hot cake. Trying to sell a house in a ‘as is where is’ condition will not fetch a good price and owner might get stuck with the property for a long time. Well, interior design experts suggest that a home renovation would do the trick to ensure the resale is done quickly.

Here are some home improvement ideas to increase the value of a property:
Bathroom remodelling:

Buyers of a property wouldn’t want to use to same bathroom fittings as the previous owner had. A brand new bath tub, wash basin, and commode would be an attractive addition for the new buyer. Also consider having the bathroom titles cleaned if it is not possible to replace it. A fresh coat of paint should work wonders as well. If you’ve installed shower curtains and doors, have it removed so that the place looks more spacious.

Kitchen remodelling:

Most kitchens are smudged with dust and grime which go unnoticed by the owners of the property. But when a prospective buyer inspects the property, every such minute detail will not go missed. Therefore, the kitchen, which is considered the heart of a home, should be clean. Having the kitchen cleaned, with some basic remodelling done, will increase the chances of selling the property soon.


When a property is put up for sale, owners neglect their gardens. But, what most property owners fail to realise is that landscaping gives a facelift to the property and will attract prospective buyers instantaneously. In fact, landscaping wouldn’t cost much if you consider removing the shrubbery and over-grown plants. Making the pathway more accessible is a key factor here.

Get the exteriors done:

The first impression is the best impression. Yes, get the exteriors done to make your property look attractive. You could start off with a fresh coat of paint. Also run a thorough check to see if the wooden railings, gates and other fixtures are in good shape. All this will increase the value of the property several notches up.

Plumbing and electrical repairs:

Get the minor plumbing and electrical work done before a prospective buyer comes in to inspect the property. Buyers wouldn’t want to deal with such issues when paying a huge price for the property.

Remove the clutter:

It is imperative that you free up the clutter on the property to give it a more spacious look. After all, every inch counts and the buyers are looking to use up all the space provided effectively. Removing the clutter in a room would make the rooms appear bigger. Moreover, a neat and clean house gives a positive impression.

Buying a house is a massive investment every individual makes. When trying to zero in on a property, most prospective buyers would look for features that suit their budget and tastes. Therefore, while putting up a house for resale, the sellers should consider all the factors that would fetch them a good price.

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