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Ideas To Improvise Your Bedroom

Here we bring to you a few ideas that could spruce up your bedroom. Being a top interior designer in Chennai we have a plethora of ideas with us. To make the list cleaner we have listed a few ideas here. Contact us for further ideas.

A wall mount nightstand preserves floor space for a furry friend. Hang fabric covered cork and magnetic boards above it to create a place for memorabilia.

Remove a drawer from a bedside a bedside dresser to create an open shelf for books. Hide a charging station in one of the remaining drawers.

Create a headboard with stylish storage by combining old drawers in a unique design that suits your space.

Vintage suitcases offer creative storage for extra sheets and off season clothing. Or put more traditional storage containers to use.

If you need extra storage space, add bed pockets – tuck between the mattress and box spring – to keep things like remote controls.

Add seamless storage to bedrooms with containers that you can slide under the bed.

Avoid a last minute scramble before guests arrive by setting up a full-time home for guests’ supplies. A dresser drawer works perfectly.

Select a nightstand that matches your nightly habits. If you read a lot in bed, opt for a nightstand with a shelf for books so they don’t pile up on top.

Piles accumulate either because things don’t have a designated space or because they do have a home but it takes too much time to put them there. The solution is simple: store them neatly in an easy-to-access box until it’s time for a monthly purge.

Create a window seat by topping storage cubbyholes with a cushion. Baskets, tucked inside the bench, can house toys and books.

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