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Top 16 Smart Gadgets to Improve Your Home

There are thousands of innovative gadgets, appliances, and tools you can use in your home to make your life a lot easier and comfortable. Here we list of top 16 smart gadgets to improve your home. Each item in this list will improve the quality of your living and make your life more comfortable.
While you will need professional assistance to install some of the items in this list, you can use other items as it is.

Home Automation Gadgets

Smart home automation gadgets are its infancy. However, there are a lot of amazing home automation gadgets which will make your life a lot comfortable.

#1 Belkin Wemo Switch + Motion Sensor

Belkin Wemo Switch is a smart power outlet which you can turn and turn off using your phone. Basically, you can remotely control anything plugged into this outlet. The motion sensor along with this can be programmed to activate or deactivate the Belkin Wemo Switch if the sensor sense movements within 10 feet.

#2 Smart Voice Assistants

Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit/Siri, and Google Assistant/Home are some of the popular voice assistants in the market right now. You can control various gadgets, appliances, and equipment using these voice assistants. Each of these three voice assistants has their own pros and cons. Each of the can do unique things which can’t be done by using the others. Therefore, the best option might vary based on your needs and requirements.

#3 Smart Home Smoke Detector

There are different kinds of smoke detectors suitable for the home. In many countries, a smoke alarm or smoke detector is compulsory, but in India, we do not use it that much. A regular some alarms will make a big beep sound when it detects smoke inside the house. There are also smart smoke detectors which will send notifications to the mobile phones with the exact source or reason of smoke. It helps you to avoid panicking.

#4 Door Bell with Camera, Mic, and Speaker

Smart doorbells available in the market enable homeowners to see the face of people who are in front of the door and speak to them. This is a cooling device to secure your home.

#5 Smart Newborn Rocker

Parenting newborns can be super hard, but with smart gadgets like a smart newborn rocker, you can make your job a little easier. The newborn rocker with high tech features will enable to adjust the motion, music, sound, and vibration of the rocker using smartphones. This allows parents to change the motion of rocking or music depending on the requirement. This makes parenting newborn a lot easier.

Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets

The kitchen is one of the most active rooms in a house. Smart gadgets and latest appliances can make working in the kitchen a lot easier. Here is a list of a few cool gadgets you can buy for your kitchen.

#6 Smart Oven

The temperature of a smart oven can be controlled by a smartphone. Samsung Oven is one of the efficient smart ovens out there now. It has a divider which can be used where there is only one food item. This helps to reduce the area the oven has to heat. When you have two items, you can use both parts.

#7 Finger Scoop

This is a very simple but highly useful thing on your kitchen. Most of us a hard time to spread condiments like sauce, ketchup or jam on the food using knife or spoon. When it comes to the children, it is extremely difficult for them.
If you have a finger scoop in your kitchen, you and your young kids can take and spread sauce or jam on the food easily.

#8 Jar Opener

The struggling to open a struck jar is a familiar scene in every house. You no longer need to have a wrestling match with the jar to open it when it is struck. A handy jar-opener will help you to open any jar easily.

#9 Toaster/ Toast Maker

A toast maker at your home will make it easier and faster to make toasts. Even your pre-teen kids can use it prepare their breakfast. This will help you and your family members to make bread toasts anytime.

#10 Coffee Maker

A coffee machine or coffee maker makes it easier to brew your favorite coffee whenever you want. It doesn’t take much effort or time to brew a coffee using coffee maker or coffee machine. There are small coffee makers suitable for homes. This will be an excellent addition to your home.

#11 Water-saving Dishwasher

Water is very expensive in Chennai, and we need to spend it carefully. The water-saving dishwasher will save some water from the wash and use it for pre-rinsing the dishes during the next wash. This way, you can save up to 33% water during dishwashing.

#12 Silicone Lid for Pans that can be used in Microwave and Freezer

A silicone lid that can be used inside the freezer and the microwave will save tons of your plastic covers and aluminum foil. When you have the microwave safe silicone lid, you no longer need to close the pans using aluminum foil. It makes it easier to cover the pans. The silicone lid is reusable which will save your money in the long term.

#13 Spill-free Ice Cube Tray

Walking towards the freezer with an ice cube tray without spilling the water is not a big deal anymore. Now we have spill-free ice cube trays available in the market. Using this, you will never spill a drop of water from the tray again.

Other Awesome Gadgets and Tech for Your Home

There are thousands of products you can buy to make your life more comfortable. Here is a list of some more items you can try.

#14 Cooler Coffee Table

The smart coffee table with cooler is a great furniture item for the lazy people. You no longer have to get up from your couch and walk to the fridge to get your cola or beer. You can store them inside the cooler on the smart coffee table.
Smart coffee tables would require power. So you need to be well planned in the wiring if you want to buy a smart coffee table with cooler. Some smart coffee table also has power plugs which you can use to charge your phone and laptop. This will make your life a lot of comfortable.

#15 Remote Control Lights

If you don’t want to automate the lighting, the next best option would be remote control lights. The brightness levels and the colors of the bulbs can be changed using remote control. You can control all kinds of lighting including the ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Philips Hue is one of the popular products among remote control lights.

#16 Self-Dimming Bulb

A self-dimming bulb would work similar to a regular bulb. When the dimmer is activated, it will begin to fade away gradually. Some self-dimming lite fade out in 30+ minutes. This is to replicate the sunset. It will be a great way to take you to sleep slowly.
Some self-dimming lights have moonlight mode which will provide a dim light instead of completely turning off.

Final Words

Please let us know which item among these fascinated you most. Don’t forget to comment below if you have purchased any of these items.

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